Welcome to Compact Instruments, the leading European manufacturer of digital portable tachometers and other speed measurement equipment; including sensors and industrial stethoscopes.

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With an emphasis on high quality product design, combined with a low cost base, Compact Instruments has marketed high quality tachometers and speed measurement products for 40 years. A range of compatible products enhance its capability and services to customers across a range of industries.

Intrinsically SafeCompact Instruments are designers and manufacturers of Intrinsically Safe hand held tachometer, passed to ATEX standards and certified accordingly. We have been manufacturing these instruments since September 2001 and have sold thousands worldwide. For more information click here.

Compact Instruments also design and manufacture our latest range of optical sensors, with ATEX certification. Currently, these instruments have, and are, being re-certified under new stricter conditions set down by the relative governing bodies and standards agencies. For more information click here.

Our extensive product range includes the following instruments:
General Purpose Tachometer | Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer | Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer LSR | Petrol Engine Tachometer | Diesel Engine Tachometer | Combi Tachometer | Multimeter Probes | Laser Tachometer | Accessories & Spares Optical/Contact Hand Tachometers | High Speed Optical Laser Hand Tachometer | CT Concorde Hand Tachometer Accessories Mechanical hand tachometers | BT Multiranger Series – 5 digit Bench Tachometers | DS Multiranger Series 5 Digit Panel Tachometers | Optical Tachometer and Stroboscope Calibrator | PT Series Portable Tachometer | Hand Held Vibration Meter | Portable Vibration Meter Kit | VLS Series Optical Sensors | VLS/DA1 Optical speed Sensor with Analogue Output MiniVLS Series Laser Optical Speed Sensors | MiniVLS nL Series Optical Speed/Phase Sensors | Mini VLS AccessoriesType SIPP/1 Portable 5Vdc Sensor Power Pack  | Mains Powered Stroboscope | Battery Powered Stroboscope | Helio Strobe Alpha Portable Stroboscope | Strobovision – Handheld Stroboscope | Tachometer & Stroboscope Calibrator  | Electronic Stethoscope | Digital Force Gauge | Digital Force Gauge with Interface High Precision Force Gauge

For more information follow the links to see product details.

Our products are distributed in the following countries:
Australia | Austria | Belguim | Canada | China | Czech Republic | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Iran | Italy | Jordan | Korea | Malaysia | Mexico | Morocco | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Singapore | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | Thailand | USA | Vietnam