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Compact Instruments is the leading manufacturer in Europe of Digital Portable Tachometers & other speed measurement equipment including speed sensors and stroboscopes.

With an emphasis on high quality product design, combined with a low cost base, Compact Instruments has marketed high quality tachometers and speed measurement products for 40 years. A range of compatible products enhance its capability and services to customers across a range of industries.

Our extensive product range includes the following instruments:
General Purpose Tachometer | Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer | Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer LSR | Petrol Engine Tachometer | Diesel Engine Tachometer | Combi Tachometer | Multimeter Probes | Laser Tachometer | Accessories & Spares Optical/Contact Hand Tachometers | High Speed Optical Laser Hand Tachometer (CT6/LSR/ERP) | High Speed Optical Laser Hand Tachometer (CT6/LSR/OP/SW) | CT Concorde Hand Tachometer Accessories Mechanical hand tachometers|
BT Multiranger Series – 5 digit Bench Tachometers | DS Multiranger Series 5 Digit Panel Tachometers | Optical Tachometer and Stroboscope Calibrator | PT Series Portable Tachometer – 12-35VDC Ext. powered Hand Held Vibration Meter | Portable Vibration Meter Kit | Compact, Portable Vibration Meter Kit HS-620 |VLS Series optical sensors | VLS/DA1 Optical speed Sensor with Analogue Output MiniVLS Series Laser Optical Speed Sensors | MiniVLS nL Series Optical Speed/Phase Sensors | Mini VLS AccessoriesType SIPP/1 Portable 5Vdc Sensor Power Pack  | Mains Powered Stroboscope | Battery Powered Stroboscope | Helio Strobe Alpha Portable Stroboscope | Strobovision – Handheld Stroboscope
Tachometer & Stroboscope Calibrator  | Electronic Stethoscope  Digital Force Gauge | Digital Force Gauge (FMI-300) Digital Force Gauge with Interface High Precision Force Gauge

For more information follow the links to see product details.

Our products are distributed in the following countries:
Australia | Austria | Belguim | Canada | China | Czech Republic | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Iran | Italy | Jordan | Korea | Malaysia | Mexico | Morocco | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Singapore | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | Thailand | USA | Vietnam